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Tim Dosch, Principal, Dosch Marshal Real Estate

What was your largest transaction in 2020? It was a 4.25-acre sale at 2400 W. Dallas.

How have you reinvented yourself during an ongoing pandemic? Rather than reinventing myself, I found success by simplifying my business and focusing on my core strengths: Strong relationships with clients and experience pushing deals through tough markets. My leadership skills were challenged, however, as we reinvented ourselves as a company, we pushed forward on representing key clients in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Denver and Charlotte. That move has already paid off with a number of closed deals in those markets and many more under contract.

What lessons have you learned in 2020? Two things stand out: The value of persistence, and deep relationships with clients, mentors and team members. These values have always been a key to success for me, but were critical to closing several high-profile Houston transactions that appeared to die repeatedly.

How do you plan to apply those principles moving forward? There are significant opportunities and challenges ahead for the post-Covid real estate market. Success will come by a determined persistence to overcome obstacles and by continuing to grow strong relationships both within my team and with our valued clients. Growth in our business is always achieved by pushing through setbacks. As we grow our company across Texas and into other states, we are finding our share of success and setbacks. I firmly believe that persistence and the determination of knowing that we have an effective plan, despite the obstacles, is the key to our long-term success.

As in-person events and businesses reopen, what are you most looking forward to? Through all the Zoom meetings over the past year, I have been reminded that nothing beats sitting with a client in person. Fortunately, many of our meetings are in person now, but I am looking forward to putting Zoom meetings in the rearview mirror. Also, we love to travel as a family. I am looking forward to some trips abroad this year, as well as some quality time in the mountains.

What advice do you have for newcomers? Market shifts are opportunities. Be persistent in what you know is right and adaptable to the new opportunities the market gives you. Prioritize relationships; you can’t underestimate the value of strong relationships for the longevity of your career.

By   –  Data reporter, Houston Business Journal